Sports Injury Bulletin

Launched by masters athlete and author, Sylvester Stein, Sports Injury Bulletin brings together a worldwide panel of experts – including physiotherapists, doctors, researchers and sports scientists.

Together we deliver you everything you need to help your clients avoid – or recover as quickly as possible from – injuries.

Sports Injury Bulletin provides busy sports injury professionals with topic-driven articles which explore the expanse of relative research on a given subject and deliver practical ways to apply that research to clinical practice.

Our worldwide panel of experts gives you the information you need to help your clients avoid and recover from both common sports injuries and hard to diagnose maladies. We often interact first-hand with researchers in order to better explain findings or get a glimpse of upcoming results.

Sports Injury Bulletin is driven by two key principles:

  1. Sharing the latest, evidence-based research to keep practioners up to date
  2. Saving time by reducing the amount of reading required to stay on top of the mountain of available papers.

We strip away the scientific jargon and deliver easy-to-follow training exercises, nutrition tips, psychological strategies and recovery programmes and exercises in plain English.

The Experts

Alicia FIlley PT, MS., editor and long-time contributor to Sports Injury Bulletin and its sister publication Peak Performance, has over 25 years’ experience working in rehabilitation, sports injury and sports performance. She holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in physical therapy.

When not writing and researching, Alicia can be found putting her findings to the test outside on the trail and inside the gym. Her most recent achievement is hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim. 

Previously, Sports Injury Bulletin was edited by Chris Mallac and Jonathan Pye.

Sports Injury Bulleting relies upon contributions from sports physio practitioners and educators around the world. A complete list of contributing authors can be found on the site.

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