Sports Performance Bulletin

Launched by renowned masters athlete Sylvester Stein in 1990, Peak Performance was one of the first titles dedicated to masters athletics.

28 years later, rebranded Sports Performance Bulletin is dedicated to helping athletes and sportsmen/women of all abilities reach their maximum performance potential.

Over the years, coverage grew to include ever more sports and sports science.

Each article presents a complex, scientific study in an easy to consume format that allows athletes to gain an edge without the need to trawl through dozens of journals and texts.

Green Star Media acquired Peak Performance from Electric Word PLC in 2015 along with sister title, Sports Injury Bulletin.

The Experts

Andrew Hamilton is the long-standing editor of Sports Performance Bulletin, having taken the reins from Jonathan Pye.

Working in the fields of health, fitness and sports performance to help athletes reach their true potential for over 30 years, Andrew is a sports science writer and researcher, specialising in sports nutrition.  He is also a lifelong endurance athlete himself.

In addition to his role as editor of Sports Performance Bulletin, Andrew is a scientific consultant to the fitness and sports nutrition industry. He has written for many other publications, including Cycling Weekly and 220 Triathlon, Outdoors Fitness and Athletics Weekly.

Sports Performance Bulletin benefits from contributions by a range of experts in every area of sports science. A list of authors can be found on the site.

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